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I recall going to sleep at night listening to the radio to music by Chuck Berry, Elvis, Buddy Holly and many others - I believe this was a form of sleep teaching!  So hooked was I on Rock n Roll that I taught myself how to play rock on the piano!  Later, I taught myself how to play guitar. Surf music was popular when I started college in 1962, and that influenced my guitar playing. Then the "British Invasion" started in 1964, and that triggered an incredible amount of creative energy.  I played in bands and wrote original music.

The years of career and raising a family slowed me down musically, but upon retirement in 2003 I finally had the time to resume my passion for music.  Since retiring I have written a growing number of originals covering many different genres and styles.  Some of my music is romantic and sensitive.  Some is "in your face" hard rock and blues.  And some is downright raunchy and tasteless.  No matter, I love my music, and hope you will too!

I was an only child, and may have had the best parents ever.  They always encouraged me and supported in me in so many ways.  While neither my mom or dad played music, they always had music playing in our home.  Sometime when I was 8 years old they had someone come to the house to give me accordion lessons.  That didn't go so well.  Later when I was 11 they bought an old piano and another person came to the house to give me lessons.  The teacher wanted me to play classical music.  I wanted no part of that since Rock n Roll was becoming very popular!

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