I've been in a number of bands since the 1960's.  Here is a list.  Click on the name of a band for more information.

1963 - The Plague, 3 piece group at Occidental College Los Angeles.
1963 -
Walker and Johnny/The Chips, recording group from Occidental College Los Angeles.

1964 - The Invictas, 3 piece group from St. Helena.

1964-65 - The Plague Ltd.,  5 piece group from Sacramento.
1965-66 - The Heard,  Same band as Plague Ltd. with a new name.

1967 - Crud, 3 piece group from St. Helena.
1976-78 - The Willy K Trio Plus One, 4 piece group out of Napa.

1982-83 - Rockin' Horse, 4 piece group out of Woodland.

2004-06 - Disturbing the Peace, 2 piece group from Clearlake Oaks.

2007-present - JZ Music, One man band from Clearlake Oaks.

2013-present - K&J, Two person band from Clearlake Oaks.
2016-present -
Harpo and the Mojo Hands, 5 piece group from Clearlake Oaks



Guitars I have owned (click for larger image)